At last! A point to this blog...

I have decided what to do with this blog. After all, I have other blogs which I have been updating: parlez a la main, copain / this is kunst, a place for my thoughts and art, dead life, a place for pictures of things that counter the living dead, and using the force, which is based on Star Wars.

With this blog, I thought I would place all of my ruminations about language and languages. Then I thought, well I could do that, or I could use this place as my list of languages - I want to make a log of all of the languages in the world (eventually), starting with Europe (which right now is the only place I am really familiar with, linguistically). I will begin with English, and continue outwards around Europe (modern and old languages). Each will only be a short overview of the language, complete with links showing where you can find examples or even online courses to help find out more.

The only problem I can foresee is with certain non-standard or non-Latin characters. Ah well, I'll just see where it goes. There are about six million languages on Earth, by most calculations. That's a long journey. On y va!!!


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