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Bonjour a tous.

I'm busy writing an essay on St Erkenwald and the medieval obsession with 'New Troy', so I don't have time for this really, but procrastination is the mother of all invention, or something. I'm spending too much time anticipating Star Wars and watching news of the Pope when I should be concentrating, but it helps me to think, parfois.

I have another blog, called dead life, on

In the meantime, if you know anything about Germanic Philology, please let me know. Or Pepsi Max, or Art in general.



At 21:23, Blogger Arcane said...

Germanic philio-what? Sorry,I don't speak Eeeeeenglish very well and you kinda lost me there!!!

At 23:43, Blogger petescully said...

Eeeeenglish motherfucker, do you speak it?


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